Technology 6

Global Food Mart Ecommerce

Challenges Client Faced

The client wanted an E-commerce platform in South Korea.
Businesses lacked trust in online transactions.
Businesses had limited payment options before e-commerce platforms.
Shipping products to customers was a major challenge before e-commerce.

What Solution we offered

  • Datagrid provided secure payment processing services
  • Solution provided streamlined checkout process
  • The E-commerce platform provided customer support and order tracking
  • Customers were allowed to review products and services
  • Datagrid provided secure storage of customer datThe platform provided marketing tools to promote products and services
Brainstorming Ideas 2

How it is benefiting now?

  • Increased reach is benefiting Global Food Mart
  • Operational cost is saved by eliminating the need for physical retail space 
  • Flexibility to offer customized
  • Platform offers customers convenient, anytime, anywhere shopping.
  • payment/product options..

Callbox uses AI/ML to analyze customer calls.

Continuous maintenance and monitoring is needed for evolving product.

Call Box

Challenges Client Faced

There is a continuous demand for AI/ML Engineers

Nicho Group

Challenges Client Faced

Nicho Group is a conglomerate in southern Africa.
They needed a centralized website for all the companies.
Limited reach and audience engagement
Lead generation was less.