Association Management

Association Management Software

Association Management System (AMS) is a software solution designed by Data Intellect to help you efficiently manage your operations, engage with members, and streamline administrative tasks. Data Intellect is a firm believer of letting the machines do the mundane tasks, and thus, aids you in streamlining your business management by enforcing mechanical support instead of human labor.

We offer tools to handle various aspects of association management specific to your organization, and offer unique ways to amplify your productivity.

We help you create a robust database to store and manage member/ employee information, create a smooth communication system, implement tools to share resources and have collaboration within the association community.

Streamline member communication and data management

Automate membership processes and operations

Improve compliance with rules and regulations

Enhance event management and attendee tracking

Create and manage committees, task forces, and work groups

Facilitate board and committee meetings

Monitor and report on financial activities

Provide members with personalized access to resources

Generate dynamic and insightful reports

Provide members with personalized access to resources

Automate payment processing and recurring billing

Leverage existing data to identify new opportunities

Increase membership and revenue growth

Improve member engagement and satisfaction

Monitor and track continuing education requirements

Create and manage member directories and newsletters