RAAS - Resource as a Service

Resource as a Service (RaaS) is a cloud-based solution that provides businesses with access to a wide range of IT resources and services. This service will enable you to streamline the IT operations of your company, and manage your IT resources more efficiently.

Data Intellect provides a vast array of services with Resource as a Service (RaaS) which include, but are not limited to application development, system integration, cloud-based computing, managed hosting, IT consulting among others. We enable you swift access to the resources as and when you need them, and free you from having to invest in expensive hardware or hire additional staff.

Provide access to top-level resources and expertise

Reduce the time and cost associated with onboarding new resources.

Allow access to resources on-demand

Provide flexibility in scaling up or down resources as needed

Deliver high-quality services at a lower cost

Maximize the efficiency of resources

Reduce the overhead associated with staffing and management

Provide access to the latest technology and tools

Increase productivity and collaboration across the enterprise

Increase the speed of delivery of products and services

Provide visibility, control, and governance over resources